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Paul Burgess

In mountainous northeasternmost Iowa

overheard at tony frank's singleness may not be the worst fate of all, as witness this conversation monologue overheard in a tavern
the golem a skeleton named skeptre is draining the world of its colors, one by one... while janos labors to build mankind's last hope, a statue of clay
yellowstripes you befriended a creature from beyond. now you live in a darkened basement, while the world fears and loathes what you have become
book of dreams from a dream journal i've kept for years. little robot horses. life in a post-apocalyptic refugee camp. a throwback to the age of mammals. and much more
bearing light they roam the galaxy, seeking to corrupt innocent alien races. they are professional serpents in eden. like lucifer himself, they are bearing light
and usher in these latter days jilted and mocked, college biology major cal miller carries out the ultimate act of bioterrorism
beneath the wheeling metal stars of night the world revolution has come. "new justice" reigns on earth. imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever
chinese columbus in thirteen hundred ninety-two, meng ling-ch'u sailed the ocean blue. an alternate history of america
wingmen for centuries they have been hated, feared, and conscripted as a human air corps. now the wingmen are coming back home to the caucasus
mars colony the year is 2043. the place is mars. the event is the constitutional convention of the first independent human colony on the red planet
vermilion lake fractured poetry, and more. "your triumph in life will be to live above tom's auto upholstery"...
kata thaddaion the gospel of thaddaeus. a second-century apocryphal gospel, complete with scholarly notes
mna sipri cilama in my teens i suffered a radioactive core meltdown of the imagination. i created my own language, and then i wrote a book in it

zeros & ones
barsoomian chess the game from edgar rice burroughs' novel the chessmen of mars lives, as a 1980's style computer game. source code included  [.zip]
world wide weird just some bizarre flotsam and jetsam i beachcombed while surfing the net
opera browser why stay enslaved to bill gate$ and micro$oft internet explorer? here's opera, the fastest browser on earth
browser screenshots what in the world is any sane person doing with eight nine ten browsers on his computer?
escape to linux the story of how i made my exodus to linux— out of the land of micro$oft, out of the house of bondage
browsers for linux and here are screenshots of the eight browsers i use under linux— which brings us to eighteen browsers in all
where's george? use your computer to track where your money goes. one dollar bill i spent ended up in las vegas
mna sipri cilama (audio) you can hear how that language i created sounds. here i am, reading chapter 25 of mna sipri cilama  [.mp3]

pseudo-philosophical ramblings
>standard disclaimer< think for yourself, and "let the finder beware!"
zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance why it's a good thing i didn't read robert pirsig's excellent book until i was past forty
how do we know what we know? sketched out as "an integral part of a rather densely thought-out view of language, history, human existence, trinitarian theology, and the kitchen sink"
recèsse de l'abîme the logical structure of intentionality. self-consciousness as an infinite regress of self-representation and self-interpretation. just light conversational topics over dinner!
cloud of unknowing musings on my "latter turning" toward mysticism. the human being as an embodied sign, or microcosm, of subtle macrocosmic invariants
an argument from woolgathering what is really going on inside of us when we engage in meditation? low-focus thinking and affective linking: those vague thoughts which drift like wisps of colored tissue paper across the back of your mind
mysticism--opiate or caffeine? more on what's going on inside of us in meditation, and whether it deepens or dulls our awareness of the world around us
semiotics vs typology the notion of signs and symbols in the history of christian theology. how we might draw on these historical resources to restore an intellectually rigorous "right-brain" counter-balance to "left-brain" modernity
goethe's way of science what goethe was up to, seeking for the urphänomen "in, with, and under" individual phenomena. how this approach might be adapted to help heal the cartesian splits of modern culture
spengler & toynbee historical cycles, and the current unfashionability of broad-gauge philosophies of history
jack kerouac the beat generation's most gifted writer, inspired by jazz, was up to something downright noneuclidean with language in his writings
philosophy is not science fiction i browse a collection of letters between a philosopher and a novelist who are discussing the semiotic of charles sanders peirce. this leads me off on some pretty bizarre tangents. oh well!
why is the sky blue? why science can explain why the sky is blue, but not why blue is blue. by the way, why are there so many more bookstores in today's illiterate world?
every blade of grass has its own angel my fractured take on god and evolution. and language and referentiality. and (of course) signs and symbols. and even paradigms
batesonian flapdoodle how gregory bateson has been a pervasive bad influence on me. with an irreverent side excursion: "so what's up with this 'quest for the historical jesus'?"
coleridge, imagination, and slide rules a meditation on a slide rule leads to cosmic thoughts about numbers. modern culture enjoins us to steer clear of such "deep" thoughts about the way things really are. but what if we will not submit?
gordian knots of the soul the manifold and tangled ways we engage in self-deception. how these ways relate to the liabilities of modern thought
i see windmills by the sands of the seashore you can take the boy out of the sixties, but you can't take the sixties out of the boy! with a concluding vision of the year 2040

little utopias run amuck minor league utopianism may shed more light on utopianism-in-the-large than many want light to see by
walker percy the semiotic of charles sanders peirce and the problem of the faith community in the writings of walker percy
why triadic? challenges to the structure of peirce's semiotic. is the logical structure of a sign threefold, or fourfold, or twofold?
glory met in unspeakable flux the semiotics of religious experience, in the general theory of signs of charles morris, the semiotic of charles sanders peirce, and the philosophy of symbolic forms of ernst cassirer
god & time does god dwell within time? or outside of time? or does the structure of temporal semiosis point us toward a view of god and time which is both/and and neither/nor?
richard of st victor one mediaeval theologian's nigh structuralist take on the trinity. abstract to the max
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