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Here's a grab bag of the curious and the bizarre, which I've run across on the Internet. I've had most of this stuff on my computer so long, I can't even tell you where it originally came from...

You'll notice this section runs to several pages, it's sort of open-ended. If you run across anything out there you think is weird enough to include here, feel free to e-mail me with items or links.

(And of course, all images displayed in this section remain the intellectual property of their original owners, and are presented here under the fair use provision of the copyright laws, bla, bla, bla...) :-)


annoying animations
Ever see a website with a logo made up entirely of animated flaming letters? I really dislike the overuse of animated pictures! Though some of them actually can be quite clever. Here are a few of the more interesting animations I've run across...
Chinese ad 1 man in the moon Chinese ad 2
Eva collage 1 Rei Ayanami Asuka Langley Sohryu Shinji Ikari Eva collage 2

Yes, that second row is from the Japanese robot cartoons!

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