Photo Album

It was a long time since I'd owned a camera. Then several years ago I got a digital camera. I've put together an album of some of the photos I've been taking.

Do stop back every now and then-- this photo album is one part of my website that I'll be updating often.

Latest update: 10/25/22

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Click here for more pictures St. John's Wiener Roast
The wiener roast is an annual tradition at St. John's, held on the lawn beside the church on the second Tuesday in July. I always bring some gabel links, plus some hot mustard. This year I also brought my camera, which I'd just gotten the day before.
Click here for more pictures Our Trip to South Dakota
Several of us spent five days in July 2002 attending the UCC Regional Youth Event in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Two hundred fifty youth and adults from the west central region of the United States converged on the campus of Augustana College, for workshops, worship services, activities, a drum concert, and generally hanging out together. An awesome event!
Click here for more pictures Mt. Hope Summer Social
Every July, Mt. Hope hosts a summer social, with the best roast pork sandwiches around! Check out our amazing selection of pies, too. People come from far and wide to eat and visit. This year we had a really large crowd.
Click here for more pictures "CD Covers"
While I was on vacation, I experimented with some of the things you can do on a computer with digital photos. I took some photos from our South Dakota trip, and turned them into... CD covers?! Have you ever pictured yourself on the cover of a CD? See for yourself, here are our six intrepid youth who made the trek to South Dakota, next thing to being "on the cover of the Rolling Stone"...
Click here for more pictures Missionfest
Missionfest is an old German tradition, celebrated at St. John's every year on the second Sunday in September. Afterwards the church hosts a Missionfest dinner, which always draws a big crowd from round about.
Click here for more pictures Confirmation Class  updated!
This year there are four kids in confirmation-- two first-year and two second-year students, all of them from St. John's, and all of them meeting as one class. Here are some pictures from our class.
Click here for more pictures Steeplejack
"Steeplejack" is an old name for a fellow who works on steeples. St. John's recently had its steeple reshingled. Here are some pictures of Harold going up afterwards with one of the fellows, in a bucket on the boom truck, to inspect their work. I guess they're not afraid of heights!
Click here for more pictures Youth Fellowship
As we head into the fall, the St. John's Youth Fellowship is back in gear again. Here's a montage of pictures I snapped at the September 2002 meeting. Plus some pictures from our annual lock-in. Gee, what's that bearded dude up to over there with the camera?!
Click here for more pictures Access Ramp
At Mt. Hope they recently made the church handicap accessible by installing a new roadway, a ramp, and a door in the side of the church building. A very cleverly designed and well executed plan!
Click here for more pictures Conference Youth Event
Five of us from St. John's-- two youth and three adults-- spent the weekend in Rochester at a UCC event with youth and advisors from all over the Minnesota Conference, learning about world religions.
Click here for more pictures St. John's Chicken BBQ
On the first Sunday in May, St. John's hosts its annual Chicken BBQ-- with great food, a craft and bake sale, carryouts, and-- did we mention?-- the best barbecued chicken around!
Click here for more pictures Vacation Bible School
St. John's held its Vacation Bible School this year on the first Saturday in June. And the kids got to meet some special animal friends!
Click here for more pictures Sheltered Reality
This band of youth drummers brought Music with Meaning to our area in a joint worship service and an evening concert held at St. Luke's
Click here for more pictures Our Trip to Tennessee
Some of us spent several days in July 2004 attending the UCC National Youth Event in Knoxville, Tennessee. Almost 4000 youth from all over the country came together on the campus of the University of Tennessee, for workshops, worship services, activities, and more— in the largest UCC youth event ever!