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Opera, the Fastest Browser on Earth! (Update, March 2005: This piece of Opera boosterism is a couple years out of date, but I leave it up out of historical interest.)

If you know about me and the Internet, you know I'm a big booster of the Opera browser, from Opera Software in Norway. I've been using Opera for more than two years now, and there's just no way I could ever go back to Netscrap, or <shudder> Internet Exploder.

Opera is indeed "the fastest browser on earth." You can ctrl-shift-click on links to let other windows load in the background while you're still reading your current window. You can have literally dozens of windows open at once, with no strain on your computer's resources. You can tile and cascade windows, or load text only, or display a site under a variety of customized user style sheets, all at the click of a button. Or, if you prefer, by using the exhaustive set of keyboard shortcuts.

Opera has zillions of other features, too. Mouse gestures. The Wand password manager. A built-in search bar to search Google, Amazon, Ebay, the newsgroups, and more. Hotlist side panels for everything from Slashdot to the weather to the latest baseball scores. Set a page to auto-reload every so many minutes. Block popup screens and cookies. Text and pictures can be zoomed anywhere from 20% up to 1000% of their original size. You can open an entire folder of bookmarked sites, all at once.

And Opera is infinitely flexible. Almost every feature of Opera can be changed or configured to meet your preferences. Drag and drop buttons to wherever you want them. You can even change Opera's appearance completely, with dozens of free skins you can download.

"But wait, there's more!" Opera takes up a small fraction of the hard drive space other browsers use. Only 3½ megs, versus 20 megs for Netscrap and 35 megs for Internet Exploder.

(Here's my own pictorial comparison of Opera and other browsers.)

By the way... you do have Opera on your computer, don't you? ;-)

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