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Here's another one of my favorite slide rules-- a Post Versalog, model no. 1460. It has 23 scales-- probably my favorites are the R1 and R2 scales, which afford greater precision in working with squares and square roots than an A scale.

I picked up this slide rule for a song in an antique shop in Decorah, Iowa. I just walked in, and there it was, in a glass case along with several other slide rules. Only problem was, the Versalog was missing the little cursor glass on the back side. But I ordered a spare part from Walter Shawlee's Slide Rule Universe out in British Columbia.

(By the way, thanks to my brother Steven for scanning this and the next two slide rules!)

Post Versalog No. 1460 (front)
Post Versalog No. 1460 (back)

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